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My name is Valorie and I am an independent Licensed Permanent Makeup (PMU) artist and Skin Rejuvenation Technician. I chose the name Bella Vidas, which means beautiful lives, because I truly believe Every Life is Beautiful. My passion is to help people live their Most Beautiful Life.

Permanent Makeup has many benefits. It can help the busy person save precious time. It can help enhance a specific facial feature. It can help to correct asymmetries or imperfections. The biggest benefit of permanent makeup and my main passion is to help the person who does not have the ability to apply makeup for themselves. There are many people who, due to illness, injury or age, do not have the dexterity or eyesight to apply fine detailed makeup. It gives me tremendous joy to help those individuals achieve the look they desire and help to enhance their self image.

I discovered skin needling while on a search for something that works for hyperpigmentation. After trying everything that I could find (or that my credit card could afford) I wound up with nothing that worked. I tried expensive creams, dermatologists with prescriptions, plastic surgeon with laser therapy and everything else I could find. Nothing worked. My skin discoloration had not been reduced but my wallet size had definitely decreased. Finally I ran into a PMU technician who introduced me to skin needling. The more I read and learned about this skin rejuvenation technique, the more it made sense. Using the body's own healing ability to heal the skin made perfect sense. After my first skin needling treatment, I saw noticeable results. Finally something that had results and was affordable. I knew then that I wanted to incorporate this therapy into my business as well as my life.

As you browse the web pages here, you will find many facts and answers to questions you may have. If you would like any further information or would like to schedule a one on one consultation, please see our contact page.

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Bella Vidas...Because Every Life is Beautiful.

Training & Education

Apprenticeship with Lasting Permanent Makeup Training Center
Certifications in Advanced PMU Techniques
Certification in Soft Tap, Embroidery Manual PMU Techniques
Certification in Advanced Pain Control
Certification in Dermal Rolling
Certified in Advanced Correction Techniques for Color and Shape

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